Elminating all Pathogens by inactivating microorganisms
and destroying nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA using a 253.7 nm UVC dosage in few minutes!
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Our fantastic Technology

We dedicated our main focus on developing our innovative UVC device with 253.7nm exposure power and 360 degree ray projection which ensures to capture every single angle in the mattress.
Once an item is placed inside the device, the light gets turned on and projects UVC rays around and through the item,
sterilizing and killing all cells by damaging their DNA.
The device works at a bimolecular level where most bacteria, viruses, germs reside.

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We will come and do the job

by sterilizing your mattress and leave it clean in just a few minutes by eliminating all pathogens right away for you in few minutes

We Eliminate all Pathogens

We tested our device on different mattresses to back-up our methods of engineering and our work and give our clients the trust and confidence in knowing that your mattresses are getting treated carefully

Gram-positive bacteria cause tremendous problems and are the focus of many eradication efforts,

Elminating Bacteria

Marketing Staff, New York

Gram-negative bacteria have been developing dangerous resistance and are therefore classified by the CDC as a more serious threat.

Killing viruses

Photographer, New York

By the fourth week, all areas of your sleeping spaces have almost 12 million CFUs. We also compared amounts of bacteria on bedding with other items we typically envision as “dirty.” As you can see in the chart, your bed is a pretty germy place.

Destroying Germs

Physical Therapist, Manhattan

Our Device can sterilize any mattress!
guaranteed in few minutes!


What are you waiting for,
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Book our experts today, and let them bring the terminator with them to sterlize your mattress for you and your family.Tthe fastest