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A Big Hello
From Strilx Team

The aim in changing and molding the future is our game plan. As change is important in today’s world to progress, alter, and innovate, we thrive to make valuable and cutting-edge change for our Clients. Our passion allows us to create futuristic concepts, solid strategies, and out of the box ideas that affect people’s lives and businesses.

We are a group on engineers developed a state-of-the-art UVC Device to give you a unique, one-of-a-kind service, specifically for the purpose of sterilizing mattresses at homes, hotels, hospitals and so many other venues, in just a span of few minutes only.

our main mission is to support everyone to have a clean and healthy sleep using the latest tools, methods and technologies avaiable to make it happen, and here we are with Strilx, We dedicated our main focus on developing our innovative UVC device with the aim of a dosage of 253.7nm exposure and 360 degree ray projection which ensures to capture every single angle in the mattress and eliminate everything there. Once an item is placed inside the device, the device gets turned on and projects UVC rays around and through the item, sterilizing and killing all cells by damaging their DNA. The device works at a bimolecular level where most bacteria, viruses, germs reside.

We tested our device on different mattresses to back-up our work and give our clients the trust and confidence, in knowing that their mattresses are getting 99.9% treated and sanitized. We have conducted more than 50 positive laboratory tests on different mattresses before and after, to make sure that our device is efficient and accurate scientifically and biologically in eliminating all pathogens and microbic cells.

We cater all various needs and industries from
Our main business model is a service based on demand where consumers are able to book directly through our website or by call as we will come to the facility to do the service. Our device can accommodate mattresses and furniture from all sizes.

We built our Innovation to become unique and a one of a kind technology in the market.
It is the fastest and most reliable machine available for mattress sterilization.
We will provide you a free service with a laboratory test to show the list of pathogens found and the results after the treatment.
Our prices are competitive, as we have a mission to support and provide everyone a clean and healthy sleep.